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F5 certification 101 exam questions

A virtual server is listening at and has the following iRule associated with it:

certificationmonitor 101 exam questions-1

If a user connects to, which pool will receive the request?
A. pool1
B. pool2
C. None. The request will be dropped.
D. Unknown. The pool cannot be determined from the information provided.
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following statements about Web server offload is NOT true?
A. It performs rate shaping to reduce overflow.
B. It forces the client browser to use multiple connections streams.
C. It uses OneConnect to reduce multiple TCP connections.
D. It utilizes cached content to prevent unnecessary trips for the same content.
E. It uses specialized hardware for SSL offload.
Correct Answer: B

Which three of these software modules can you layer on top of LTM on a BIG-IP device? (Choose three.)
A. Web Accelerator
E. Firepass
F. Enterprise Manager
Correct Answer: ABD
These software modules can you layer on top of LTM on a BIG-IP device are AAM, APM and GTM.

After editing and saving changes to the configuration file containing virtual servers, what is the immediate result?
A. The new configuration is verified and loaded.
B. The new configuration is verified not loaded.
C. The new configuration is verified.
D. The new configuration is loaded but not verified.
E. The new configuration is neither verified not loaded.
F. The new configuration is verified and loaded if is it syntactically correct.
Correct Answer: E

LTM runs on______F5\\’s proprietary product platform. (Fill in the correct answer)
B. Firepass
C. Acopia
Correct Answer: D

When network failover is enabled, which of the following is true?
A. The failover cable status is ignored. Failover is determined by the network status only.
B. Either a network failure or loss of voltage across the failover cable will cause a failover.
C. A network failure will not cause a failover as long as there is a voltage across the failover cable.
D. The presence or absence of voltage over the failover cable takes precedence over network failover.
Correct Answer: C

You can use an HTTP class profile to forward traffic that matches which three of these types of criteria? (Choose
A. Port
B. HTTP header
C. URI path
D. User name
E. Protocol
F. Host name
Correct Answer: BCF

How is persistence configured?

certificationmonitor 101 exam questions-8

A. Persistence is an option within each pool\\’s definition.
B. Persistence is a profile type; an appropriate profile is created and associated with virtual server.
C. Persistence is a global setting; once enabled, load balancing choices are superceded by the persistence method that
is specified.
D. Persistence is an option for each pool member. When a pool is defined, each member\\’s definition includes the
option for persistence.
Correct Answer: B

When is a Virtual Server hosted by an LTM System defined with two IP addresses?
A. Two addresses are used to define the Virtual Server when it is managed by redundant LTM Systems.
B. Two addresses are used to define some Virtual Servers so that the GTM System can choose the better address
when resolving the name.
C. Two addresses are used to define Virtual Servers when the LTM System hosting it is behind a firewall that is
translating the Virtual Server address.
D. Two addresses are used to define a Virtual Server when the Wide-IP should resolve to a different address depending
on which LTM System is active.
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following statements best describes the ARX architecture?
A. The ARX\\’s split path architecture has a data path that handles the most common operations, and a control path that
handles other operations requiring deeper inspection and updating of the index.
B. The ARX\\’s architecture has redundancy built in, allowing a single ARX to be deployed in most use cases which
provides a huge cost savings to customers.
C. All of the above.
D. It is a software agent that installs on the storage device.
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following methods of protection is not available within the Protocol Security Manager for FTP protection?
A. Session timeout
B. Command length
C. Allowed commands
D. Anonymous FTP restriction
Correct Answer: A

When upgrading a BIG-IP redundant pair, what happens when one system has been updated but the other has not?
A. Synching should not be performed.
B. The first system to be updated will assume the Active role.
C. This is not possible since both systems are updated simultaneously.
D. The older system will issue SNMP traps indicating a communication error with the partner.
Correct Answer: A

To make complex access policies easier to manage, an administrator can create a policy containing several policy
actions, and then add instances of it within the policy using the ________. (Fill in)
A. Deployment Wizard
B. Setup Wizard
C. Policy Wizard
D. Visual Wizard
Correct Answer: A

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