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What are the two functions of a resource model? (Choose two.)

A. It executes create, retrieves, updates, and delete actions for an entity
B. It loads lists of entity models
C. It is made available in the Magento API for the purpose of data manipulation
D. It maps an entity to one or more database rows
Correct Answer: AD


You are adding a new menu item to the admin backend which will link to a custom backend page.
The declaration of the route:

What do you specify as the menu item action attribute value so it links to /admin/mycompany/mymodule/?

A. action=”adminhtml/mycompany/mymodule/”
B. action=”admin/mycompany/mymodule/”
C. It is not possible without extending the adminhtml route in routes.xml
D. action=”mycompany/mymodule/”
Correct Answer: D


You got a notification about the error that occurred in a production environment. The merchant gave you the error
How do you find the error message based on the identifier?

A. An error is written to the var/log/exception.log file including the identifier
B. The error is sent to the pre-configured error email with the identifier in the subject
C. A file with a name matching the identifier is written to the var/report folder
D. An error message is written to the database table error_log with an error_id field matching the identifier
Correct Answer: B


Which two ways does Magento persist category relationships in the database? (Choose two.)

A. Using slash-separated values in the path field
B. in the table catalog_category_index
C. in the parent_id field
D. Using comma-separated values in the parent-ids field
Correct Answer: BC


You have created a new product type, sample, and need to customize how it renders on the shopping cart page.
Keeping maintainability in mind, how do you add a new renderer?

A. Create the layout file, checkout_cart_item_renderers.xml, reference the checkout.cart.item.renderers block and add a
new block with an as=”sample” attribute.
B. Override the cart/form.phtml template and add logic for the sample product type.
C. Create the layout file, checkout_cart_index.xml, and reference the checkout. cart. renderers block and add a block
with the as=”sample” attribute.
D. Create the layout file, checkout_cart_index.xml, and update the cart page\’s component to appropriately render
the sample product type.
Correct Answer: A


Your module, MyCompany_MyModule, is using the front name mymodule. You need to locate the class responsible for
the frontend path /mymodule/custom.
What file contains the controller class for the frontend path /mymodule/custom?

A. Controller/Custom/Index.php
B. Controller/Custom.php
C. Controller/MyModule/Custom/Index.php
D. Controller/Frontend/MyModule/Custom.php
Correct Answer: A


While integrating a merchant\’s product information management system with Magento, you create a module
MyCompany_MerchantPim that adds a catalog product EAV attribute pim_entity_id programmatically. In which type of
setup script do you create the EAV attribute?

A. Setup/InstallSchema.php
B. Setup/UpgradeSchema.php
C. Setup/InstallEntity.php
D. Setup/UpgradeData.php
Correct Answer: D


You added a plugin declaration to MyCompany/MyModule/etc/di.xml:

What will be the effect of this declaration?

A. An exception because plugins must not be applied to the interfaces
B. An exception because of the syntax error in the declaration
C. The plugin will be ignored because ActionInterface will never be instantiated directly
D. The plugin will be applied to all implementors of the ActionInterface
Correct Answer: D


How does Magento store customer address attribute values?

A. A customer address is a flat entity, so all values are stored in the customer_address_entity table
B. Customer address is not an entity, so its properties are customer attributes
C. Customer address is an attribute of the customer, so it doesn\’t has its own attributes
D. Customer address is an EAV entity, so all values are stored in the customer_address_entity table, and related values
Correct Answer: D


A module MyModule needs to send notifications to customers only when the account was modified from a mobile app
using the REST web APIs.
You decided to implement an observer for the customer_save_after_data_object event.
In which file do you declare the observer?

A. etc/webapi_rest/events.xml
B. etc/adminhtml/events.xml
C. etc/webapi/rest_events.xml
D. etc/events.xml
Correct Answer: A


While reviewing a layout file named sales_order_view.xml you notice the element
What is the purpose of this element?

A. Replaces the customer_account handle with sales_order_view
B. Nothing, this element has been deprecated
C. Adds the customer_account handle to the page\’s handles list
D. Updates the current page handle to customer_account
Correct Answer: C


During a code review of a module MyCompany_PaymentCurrencies you see a configuration field declared in the file

What is the consequence of the attribute shown in the store being set to 0?

A. The field value will not be accessible on the storefront by calling ScopeConfigInterface::getValue() with a
$scopeType argument of `store\\’.
B. The input field will not be visible if a store view scope is selected in the system configuration
C. The input field will only be visible if a website\\’s default store scope is selected in the system configuration
D. The input field will be disabled if a store view scope is selected in the system configuration
Correct Answer: B


Magento allows you to specify custom values per store for product attributes created in the admin panel.
Which architectural pattern makes it possible?

A. Store Manager
B. Extension Attribute
C. Entity Attribute Value
D. Dependency Injection
Correct Answer: C

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