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Question 1:

Which Quality of Service (QoS) mechanism allows the network administrator to control the maximum rate of traffic received or sent on a given interface?

A. Policing

B. Marking

C. Queueing

D. Classification

Correct Answer: A

Traffic Policing

In general, traffic policing allows you to control the maximum rate of traffic sent or received on an interface and to partition a network into multiple priority levels or classes of service (CoS).

Question 2:

What are the two benefits of YANG? (Choose two)

A. it collects statistical constraint analysis information

B. In enforces the use of specific encoding format for NETCONF

C. in enforces configuration semantics

D. it enables multiple leaf statements to exist within a leaf-list

E. it enforces configuration constraints

Correct Answer: BE

Question 3:

An engineer is concerned with the deployment of a new application that is sensitive to inter-packet delay variance. Which command configures the router to be the destination of jitter measurements?

A. Router(config)# ip sla responder udp-connect 5000

B. Router(config)# ip sla responder tcp-connect 5000

C. Router(config)# ip sla responder udp-echo 5000

D. Router(config)# ip sla responder tcp-echo 5000

Correct Answer: C

Cisco IOS IP SLA Responder is a Cisco IOS Software component whose functionality is to respond to Cisco IOS IP SLA request packets. The IP SLA source sends control packets before the operation starts to establish a connection to the

responder. Once the control packet is acknowledged, test packets are sent to the responder. The responder inserts a time stamp when it receives a packet and factors out the destination processing time and adds time stamps to the sent

packets. This feature allows the calculation of unidirectional packet loss, latency, and jitter measurements with the kind of accuracy that is not possible with ping or other dedicated probe testing.


UDP Jitter measures the delay, delay variation (jitter), corruption, misordering and packet loss by generating periodic UDP traffic. This operation always requires IP SLA responder. The command to enable UDP Jitter Operation is “ip sla

responder udp-echo {destination-ip-address} [destination-port]

Question 4:

What is one primary REST security design principle?

A. fail-safe defaults

B. password hash

C. adding a timestamp in requests

D. OAuth

Correct Answer: A

Question 5:

Refer to the exhibit.

350-401 encor exam questions 5

What are the two results of the NAT configuration? (Choose two.)

A. Packets with a destination of are translated to or .2. respectively.

B. A packet that is sent to from is translated to on R1.

C. R1 looks at the destination IP address of packets entering S0/0 and destined for inside hosts.

D. R1 processes packets entering E0/0 and S0/0 by examining the source IP address.

E. R1 is performing NAT for inside addresses and outside addresses.

Correct Answer: BC

Question 6:

Refer to the exhibit.

350-401 encor exam questions 6

Which configuration must be applied to the HQ router to set up a GRE tunnel between the HQ and BR routers?

A. interface Tunnel1 ip address tunnel source GigabitEthernet0/0 tunnel destination

B. interface Tunnel1 ip address tunnel source GigabitEthernet0/0 tunnel destination

C. interface Tunnel1 ip address tunnel source GigabitEthernet0/0 tunnel destination

D. interface Tunnel1 ip address tunnel source GigabitEthernet0/0 tunnel destination

Correct Answer: A

Question 7:

A new multicast server is being added to an existing PIM Sparse mode network. Which device in this network must the new server register with before its multicast traffic can be dispersed throughout the network?

A. IGMP Querier

B. Local PIM router

C. Local IGMP switch

D. Rendezvous Point (RP)

Correct Answer: D

reference: ip_multicast_optimization__optimizing_pim_sparse_mode_in_a_large_ip_multicast_deployment.html

Question 8:

Which LISP infrastructure device provides connectivity between non-sites and LISP sites by receiving non-LISP traffic with a LISP site destination?



C. map resolver

D. map server

Correct Answer: B

Proxy ingress tunnel router (PITR): answer \’PETR\’ PITR is an infrastructure LISP network entity that receives packets from non-LISP sites and encapsulates the packets to LISP sites or natively forwards them to non-LISP sites.


Question 9:

Which device makes the decision for a wireless client to roam?

A. wireless client

B. wireless LAN controller

C. access point

D. WCS location server

Correct Answer: A


Question 10:

Which feature is supported by ElGRP but is not supported by OSPF?

A. route summarization

B. equal-cost load balancing

C. unequal-cost load balancing

D. route filtering

Correct Answer: C

Question 11:

Why would a log file contain a * next to the date?

A. The network device was receiving NTP time when the log messages were recorded

B. The network device was unable to reach the NTP server when the log messages were recorded.

C. The network device is not configured to use NTP

D. The network device is not configured to use NTP time stamps for logging.

Correct Answer: C

“Network device is not configured to use NTP” is the only answer which may justify the fact that the system clock has not been set and thus date and time are preceded by an asterisk (*),

Question 12:

What does Call Admission Control require the client to send in order to reserve the bandwidth?

A. SIP flow information

B. Wi-Fi multimedia

C. traffic specification

D. VoIP media session awareness

Correct Answer: C

Question 13:

What does the destination MAC on the outer MAC header identify in a VXLAN packet?

A. the emote spine

B. the next hop

C. the leaf switch

D. the remote switch

Correct Answer: B

Question 14:


Drag and drop the characteristics from the left onto the switching architectures on the right.

Select and Place:

350-401 encor exam questions 14

Correct Answer:

350-401 encor exam questions 14-2

Question 15:

What are two device roles in Cisco SD-Access fabric? (Choose two.)

A. core switch

B. vBond controller

C. edge node

D. access switch

E. border node

Correct Answer: CE

There are five basic device roles in the fabric overlay:


Control plane node: This node contains the settings, protocols, and mapping tables to provide the endpoint-to-location (EID-to-RLOC) mapping system for the fabric overlay. + Fabric border node: This fabric device (for example, core layer device) connects external Layer 3 networks to the SDA fabric.


Fabric edge node: This fabric device (for example, access or distribution layer device) connects wired endpoints to the SDA fabric.


Fabric WLAN controller (WLC): This fabric device connects APs and wireless endpoints to the SDA fabric.


Intermediate nodes: These are intermediate routers or extended switches that do not provide any sort of SD-Access fabric role other than underlay services.

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