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Pass4itsure Free Citrix 1Y0-301 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers(1-20)

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to create a device collection of new vGPU-enabled virtual desktops in Provisioning Services. The collection needs to be made available as part of an existing machine catalog in Citrix Studio. Which wizard should the engineer run to accomplish this task?
A. Import Device Wizard
B. XenDesktop Setup Wizard
C. Create Machine Catalog Wizard
D. Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard
1Y0-301 exam Correct Answer: B

Scenario: A XenDesktop deployment with 200 virtual desktops has a host connection to a single XenServer pool configured for thin provisioning. A Citrix Engineer has been instructed to implement IntelliCache. Which steps must the engineer take to meet the requirements stated in the scenario?
A. Modify the existing host connection and enable IntelliCache.
B. Create a new resource using the existing host connection and enable IntelliCache.
C. Delete the existing resource, create a new one with the same name and enable IntelliCache.
D. Delete the existing host connection, create a new connection to the same pool and enable IntelliCache.
Correct Answer: B

Which step can a Citrix Engineer take to reduce logon times when using Citrix Profile Management?
A. Use offline files
B. Use Personal vDisk
C. Disable profile streaming
D. Implement folder redirection
1Y0-301 dumps Correct Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer selected the Provisioning Services write cache option `Cache on server persistent\’ for a vDisk. The engineer needs to ensure that users are NOT interrupted if a Provisioning Services server fails. What should the engineer configure to enable high availability (HA) on the Provisioning Services servers?
A. Place the write cache on a DFS-R share.
B. Toggle HA in the Provisioning Services database.
C. Change the write cache location to cache on the device.
D. Copy the write cache from one server to the second server.
Correct Answer: C

Where should a Citrix Engineer set up a restart schedule for a pool of Server OS machines?
A. Policy within Citrix Studio
B. Delivery Group properties
C. Virtual machine properties
D. Machine catalog properties
1Y0-301 pdf Correct Answer: B

Machine catalogs may __________. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)
A. only be mapped to one Delivery Group
B. be assigned to an Active Directory group
C. only contain one type of operating system
D. contain a mix of image management methods
Correct Answer: C

Which PowerShell cmdlet will reset StoreFront to the initial factory settings once the StoreFront server is removed from an existing server group?
A. Clear-DSConfiguration
B. Clear-WebConfiguration
C. Remove-SFServiceMetadata
D. Remove-SFServerFromCluster
1Y0-301 vce Correct Answer: A

Which policy option allows for advanced printer options for large industrial printers while keeping drivers to a minimum
and accounting for multiple printer models in use?
A. Use only printer model specific drivers.
B. Use automatic installation of in-box printer drivers.
C. Use universal printing only if requested driver is unavailable.
D. Change the universal driver preference to PCL5c, EMF, XPS.
Correct Answer: C

Scenario: Users in an environment are NOT logging off gracefully. A Citrix Engineer notices that an executable is still
running in the user context. What should the engineer do to ensure graceful logoff from hosted applications?
A. Disable session lingering.
B. Disable connection leasing.
C. Modify LogoffCheckSysModules in the registry.
D. Modify Citrix Profile Manager folder redirect settings.
1Y0-301 exam Correct Answer: C

Which mode should a database be configured for when using a SQL mirrored solution with Provisioning Services?
A. High-performance mode (Synchronous)
B. High-performance mode (Asynchronous)
C. High-safety mode with a witness (Synchronous)
D. High-safety mode with a witness (Asynchronous)
Correct Answer: C

Scenario: After using evaluation licensing to explore XenDesktop, a Citrix Engineer installs valid Enterprise licenses on the Citrix License Server. The engineer confirms that the licenses show correctly in the license console. A few weeks later, users in the environment report that they are receiving an error message when logging into Desktop OS machines that states the evaluation license is about to expire. What should the engineer do to correct this issue?
A. Select the correct product edition in Citrix Studio.
B. Delete the evaluation license and restart the License service.
C. Reallocate the production license with the FQDN of the License Server.
D. Reinstall the production licenses on the License Server and restart the License service.
1Y0-301 dumps Correct Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to set up printers for users in a newly installed XenDesktop environment with default
parameters. Users in the environment will access hosted resources for PCs. These users will have printing access to two printers: Printer A and Printer B. Printer A is their default printer. Which printer(s) will be available to the users in an ICA session?
A. Neither
B. Printer A
C. Printer B
D. Both printers
Correct Answer: D

Which keyword should a Citrix Engineer use to launch the locally installed version of a hosted application when it is available?
A. Auto
B. Prefer
C. Primary
D. Featured
1Y0-301 pdf Correct Answer: B

Which feature should a Citrix Engineer implement to ensure that client devices do NOT connect directly to back-end components?
A. ICA Proxy
B. StoreFront
C. URL Rewrite
D. Secure Ticket Authority (STA)
Correct Answer: A

How should a Citrix Engineer configure a hosted application so that only a subset of users within an existing Delivery Group are able to access the hosted application?
A. Configure the \’Prefer\’ keyword.
B. Configure Limit Visibility to the target users.
C. Create an HDX policy based on the user group.
D. Publish the application to only the subset of users.
1Y0-301 vce Correct Answer: B

Scenario: A corporate security policy prohibits the creation of domain accounts unless absolutely necessary. During the
deployment of XenDesktop, a Citrix Engineer created a new SQL site database. Which account type should the engineer use to grant permission on the SQL site configuration database for production use?
A. SQL account
B. Domain service account
C. Local account on Delivery Controllers
D. Delivery Controller computer accounts
Correct Answer: D

A Citrix Engineer is in the process of setting up a remote access solution using self-signed certificates. To help ensure a secure remote connection, the engineer must install a Root certificate on the __________ and __________. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)
A. endpoint device
B. StoreFront server
C. Domain Controllers
D. Delivery Controllers
1Y0-301 exam Correct Answer: AB

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is using the XenApp Services Support URL to enable support for legacy clients. The services URL is configured with explicit authentication. The engineer needs to configure StoreFront to support pass through for a new group of legacy clients. How could the engineer configure pass-through authentication for the new group of legacy clients while maintaining explicit authentication for existing legacy clients?
A. Add the pass-through authentication method in the site configuration file.
B. Change the services support site authentication method to pass-through.
C. Create a new store and set pass-through authentication as the \’LogonMethod\’ on the services URL.
D. Add the pass-through authentication method to the legacy services URL using the StoreFront console.
Correct Answer: C

A Personal vDisk can be __________ and ____________. (Choose the two correct phrases to complete the sentence.)
A. used with servers and desktops
B. placed on a different storage than the write cache
C. used for application installations only and NOT drivers
D. used with a third-party user profile management solution
E. used with Provisioning Services to stream to physical and virtual machines
1Y0-301 dumps Correct Answer: BD

Which two Windows components can be selected using the Provisioning Services Device Optimization Tool? (Choose two.)
A. Search
B. Firewall
C. SuperFetch
D. Screen Saver
E. TCP/IP Offload
Correct Answer: AC

The Citrix XenServer 6.0 Administration exam is divided into the following sections:

  • Installing and Implementing XenServer
  • Managing and Maintaining Hosts
  • Managing and Maintaining Virtual Machines and Templates
  • Configuring and managing resource pools
  • Installing and configuring Provisioning Services
  • Maintaining Provisioning Services
  • Configuring Advanced Features
  • Backing up and Restoring
  • Troubleshooting

Please note: Exam A26 now validates the skills needed to install, configure and maintain Provisioning Services in a XenServer environment.

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