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Effective Cisco 300-080 CCNP Collaboration exam practice questions

The 300-080 exam has been retired as of February 24, 2020.

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Which call control model does MGCP use?
A. Distributed
B. Centralized
C. Ad hoc
D. Hybrid
Correct Answer: B

After you install Cisco Jabber client, it fails to register with the CUCM server. Which two actions must you take to
troubleshoot the problem?
A. verify that the name of the configuration file is correct
B. verify Layer 3 connectivity on the gateway
C. verify that the corporate firewall allows connections TO and FROM Jabber client
D. verify that the LMHOST files is installed on the PC
E. reboot CUBE gateway
Correct Answer: BC

An administrator decides to factory reset a Cisco TelePresence System EX90 after log analysis failed to provide the
reason for an intermittent one-way audio issue. What can the Administrator expect after the reset is performed?
A. The call logs are preserved.
B. The release keys and option keys are deleted.
C. The release keys and option keys are preserved.
D. The system needs to be manually powered up after the factory reset.
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. A Cisco Unified Communications Manager Extension Mobility enabled user attempts to log in to a
new phone where Cisco Extension Mobility Cross Cluster Service is configured with the URL that is displayed in the
exhibit. The service is configured on a Cisco Unified CM 9.X or later Unified CM cluster. After the user enters the user
ID and PIN, the phone displays “Login is Unavailable (23).” Which configuration requirement supports Cisco EMCC and
avoids this error condition?

Pass4itsure Cisco 300-080 exam questions q4

A. The device must be subscribed to Cisco EMCC Services.
B. The given user ID is not found in the remote cluster.
C. The user must associate a device profile.
D. The Cisco IP Phone Services configuration for Cisco EMCC must set the enterprise subscription.
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. A new phone was installed and currently has issues registering with Cisco Unified Communications
The phone received its IP address via DHCP, with options 3 and 150.
Which two actions would enable the phone to download its configuration automatically? (Choose two.)

Pass4itsure Cisco 300-080 exam questions q5

A. Change the phone URL parameters to IP addresses.
B. Provide DHCP option 6 to the phone via DHCP.
C. Reboot the phone.
D. Change the VLAN that the phone is assigned to.
E. Manually assign the phone settings.
F. Provide DHCP option 15 to the phone via DHCP.
Correct Answer: AB

Two Cisco Unified Communications Manager clusters have recently been installed. One is in Tokyo and the other in
Chicago connected by a WAN link. You have started the configuration of a SIP trunk and you are integrating the dial
plans. All phones in Tokyo can call all phones in Chicago, but no phones in Chicago can call Tokyo phones. Which two
statements are possible causes? (Choose two.)
A. The CSS of the Chicago phones does not include the partition of the route pattern to point to Tokyo.
B. The SIP trunk in Chicago is in a CSS that is not in the partition of the Chicago phones.
C. The Tokyo SIP trunk inbound CSS does not contain the partition of the Tokyo phones.
D. Tokyo phones are in a CSS that is not in the partition of the route pattern to call from Tokyo to Chicago.
E. The SIP trunk is configured from Tokyo to Chicago, but not from Chicago to Tokyo.
Correct Answer: AC

Which size is the jitter buffer of the Cisco MTP transcoder?
A. 10 – 30 ms
B. 45 – 60 ms
C. 20 – 40 ms
D. 25 – 50 ms
Correct Answer: C

In a SIP direct call setup, the originating UAC sends what message to the UAS of the recipient?
Correct Answer: A

You are configuring Troubleshooting Perfmon Data-Logging parameters. You want to specify the Cisco recommended
file size that can be stored in a perfmon log file. What is the maximum file size value that you must specify?
A. 5 MB
B. 50 MB
C. 100 MB
D. 150 MB
E. 500 MB
F. 600 MB
Correct Answer: C

Which value is the default value that a SIP Phone will send a keep-alive to Cisco Unified Communications Manager and
where do you modify the timers?
A. Default value 115 s SIP Profile Enterprise Parameters
B. Default value 30 s Service Parameters SIP Profile
C. Default value 3600 s SIP Security Profile SIP Profile
D. Default value 120 s Service Parameters SIP Profile
Correct Answer: D

You have installed a Cisco Unified IP 8831 Conference phone that is failing to register. Which two actions must you take
to troubleshoot the problem? (Choose Two)
A. Verify that RJ-11 cable is plugged into the PC port.
B. Verify that the Phones network can access the option 150 server.
C. Disable HSRP on the access layer switch.
D. Verify that the correct drivers are installed on the switch port of the phone.
E. Verify that the switch port of the phone is enabled.
F. Check the RJ-65 cable.
Correct Answer: BE

Jabber for Windows or MAC Soft Client fails to register with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. This excerpt is
seen in the client logs: Warning- Registration period received (120) minus confgured timer_register_delta (120) is less
than 20 seconds.

Pass4itsure Cisco 300-080 exam questions q12

Which configuration item needs to be adjusted to correct this condition?
A. UCM Device Assigned SIP Profile “2XX Expiry Timer”
B. UCM Service Parameter “Station KeepAlive Interval”
C. UCM Device Assigned SIP Profile “Timer Register Delta”
D. “KeepAlive_Timer” parameter in jabber-config.xml file
Correct Answer: A

Users in your enterprise can establish PSTN calls, but users notice that when they attempt to perform a transfer the call
FAILS. Which two actions must you take to troubleshoot the problem?
A. Verify that media resources are assigned to the transcoder
B. verify that MTP resources are registered with CUCM
C. restart CUCM services
D. Use RTMT Performance monitoring to verify that an MTP device is available to support supplementary services
E. restart Cisco Serviceabilty tool
Correct Answer: BD

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